coloured paper envelopes




Coloured Envelopes
Coloured Envelopes
£ 34,20 per 100 pcs.
Business Envelopes
Business Envelopes
£ 4,93 per 500 pcs.
Plastic Envelopes
Plastic Envelopes
£ 115,28 per 100 pcs.
Paper Envelopes
Paper Envelopes
£ 59,40 per 100 pcs.





Order Envelopes Online - for all your envelopes and postal packaging needs.

Whether you want to buy white envelopes or coloured envelopes, square envelopes for best wishes, run-of-the-mill paper envelopes or nifty plastic envelopes, solid business envelopes or airy bubble envelopes you have come to the right place. sells a wide range of envelopes, gift packagings and postal packaging for keeping and forwarding all kinds of messages and products.
And does not merely deliver standard products from stock.

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Other mail products 

We have a lot of other products, so there is always an envelope that suits your needs.


Paper envelopes

Paper envelopes from are available in white and in a variety of colors. All sizes are available and in stock. We stock envelopes with a window, no window, gummed or provided with a convenient adhesive strip.


Plastic envelopes

Plastic envelopes are lighter, more durable and protect contents better than paper envelopes. The energy and raw materials to produce the plastic envelopes is less than what is needed for paper envelopes. We use polyethylene: this is a byproduct in the production of fuel. Trees do not have to be cut and the envelopes are excellent for recycling .


Forwarding boxes

The forwarding boxes / postal packages combine good looks with protection. With the cardboard forwarding boxes or postal packaging you can protect your mail against the most extreme external influences. The forwarding boxes ensure that your content reaches the recipient undamaged.





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