Envelope colours

You have come here because you are looking for colour envelopes. This page is about envelopes and colours. Below you will find the box with our colour finder where you can choose the right colour envelopes for your mail items or mailing. The envelopes of Envelopeshop.com are available in all colours. Coloured envelopes are available at Envelopeshop.com in both paper and plastic. Coloured envelopes are manufactured in our own factory in Lelystad. Here we produce the multicoloured Snazzybag envelopes and Snazzybubble envelopes in a wide range of formats..



Printing coloured Envelopes


Envelopeshop.com can also print your coloured envelopes with text and colours. Single-colour printingéén is already possible for small runs.

The colours of Envelopeshop.com are rich. The deepest blue, the brightest silver, the smoothest pink, the most natural green, the warmest yellow, the shiniest gold, festive orange, imperial purple, the brightest red, the darkest brown, sparkling white and darkest black. But Envelopeshop.com also has transparent and special combinations such as pink and silver, blue and silver, green and silver, transparent and silver and yellow and silver. You can find these combinations by pressing the silver button. .

For example, if you are looking for envelopes in red, click the Red button and you will be sent to an overview of red envelopes.

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