Square Envelopes

Are you looking for tight envelopes for your direct mail campaign, for example? Then you are at the right address! 123envelop.com delivers all types and sizes of envelopes, including square envelopes.

This special form envelope ensures, for example, a unique invitation to your recipient. Leave a perfect first impression!

These envelopes are available in several different types, from plastic to paper. The paper versions are all beautifully executed in 20 grams paper.

In terms of formats, the square envelopes are also frequently available. These special envelopes range from 140x140 mm to 305x305 mm. You therefore have maximum flexibility in terms of content!

Square envelopes can also be delivered from stock. We can also ensure that your envelopes are printed with your logo. In this way, you ensure that you give your item as professional as possible!

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