Paper Envelopes

The paper envelopes from are made of sturdy paper and come in many sizes and colors. The versatility of our range allows you to order your envelopes for all kinds of shipments. Our standard envelopes are usually available directly from stock

You can choose from the following categories:


Square envelopes:

Great for birth or funeral cards. Moreover, because of the different envelope format, your card stands out better between the mail.
Colored square envelopes: Do you want to stand out in more ways than just the size? You can give your square envelopes a colorful touch by choosing from 11 different colors.

Colored paper envelopes:

Colored paper envelopes are an ideal way to add extra attention to your letter or card. You can choose from 11 different colors and different sizes. This makes our colored paper envelopes very useful for sending birth announcements, funeral cards, invitations and mailings.

Luxury paper envelopes:

Are you sure that your letter or invitation makes an impression? Then use our luxury paper envelopes. These give your sent mail a very luxurious look. Our luxurious envelopes are of solid quality and can be engraved with veins to emphasize the luxurious look.

Paper gift envelopes:

If you send a gift over the post to someone, you obviously want this to be delivered in style. The stylish paper gift envelopes come in four different colors and various sizes. 

Sample bags:

Do you want to send large quantities of documents, folders, clothing or samples? Then our sample bags are very suitable. Our sample bags are of a high quality and guarantee that your shipment arrives at the recipient in one piece. For a sample bag, you can always contact us.


Printing paper envelopes

Give your mail or mailing a personal touch. We can print your paper envelopes for you with your text, image or your logo. Want to know more about our collection of paper envelopes? Contact us at or 020 88 49 8410.

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