Plastic Envelopes

Our plastic envelopes are lighter, practically non-tearable, more durable and protect the contents perfectly. The plastic envelopes are very suitable when you want to protect your shipment against moisture. In addition, the plastic envelopes are well recyclable and are better for the environment. Do you want to ensure that we deliver quality? Request free samples. Contact us at or 020 88 49 8410.


Our plastic envelopes:

Plastic envelopes resealable: Resealable plastic envelopes are available in many different designs and have a luxurious look. They are therefore good to use for promotional campaigns. You can also choose a window to insert an address label. This plastic envelope is easy to open and close by the resealable zipper.

CoverPlus envelopes: Are you going to send a fragile product? Then choose the CoverPlus envelope. This way you can be sure that your shipment arrives safely at the recipient. These plastic envelopes are resistant to rough handling and do not let moisture through. By placing your logo on the envelope you can emphasize your house style more.

CoverPlus Air envelopes: CoverPlus Air is the right choice for optimal protection of your shipment. The extra layer of air-cushion film in the envelope ensures that the fragile contents are well protected against shocks and moisture. The envelopes are made of very light material, which saves you a lot on postage costs.


Docubags: The ideal sturdy document holder for your shipment. These envelopes can easily be stuck on different surfaces and provide protection for your consignment notes, packing lists and instructions. It is also possible to have your docubag printed.

Snazzybag envelopes: Mailing is a party with the cheerful SnazzyBag envelopes. The striking appearance has an attractive appearance and guarantees that your envelope will be opened first. The SnazzyBag can be printed in one or more colors.

Slidergrip envelopes: Your post gets extra attention by using a Slidergrip. The information is immediately visible and immediately catches up with the recipient. The Slidergrip has a handy zipper and is therefore easy to open and close. 

Photoprotec envelopes: The solution against illegal copying of photos that you send to your customers for review. The thin lines on the packaging makes the photos unusable after scanning. You can also see whether the envelope has been opened. 

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