Colored Envelopes has a very wide range of colored envelopes. is the supplier for both business and private buyers. We offer both paper and plastic envelopes in many sizes and colors from stock. View our range of colored paper envelopes.

The colored envelopes and packaging from offer you exactly what you expect. The colored envelopes are striking in color and design, reliable in quality. All colored and size envelopes are also available from stock.


Paper colored envelopes delivers the colored paper envelopes in all colors of the rainbow. We have all the most common formats of envelopes such as C4, C5, Din Long, C6, square formats and small sizes in colored paper envelopes. All paper colored envelopes have a self-adhesive closure. If desired, we can supply so-called gummed envelopes, and automatic processing in an inserter is no problem.


Colored Plastic envelopes

Plastic colored envelopes are lighter, more durable and are made from a residual product that is left over when fuel is refined. The colored plastic envelopes can also be made from recycled plastic. When producing plastic envelopes less energy is used than with paper envelopes. Moreover, no trees need to be cut for plastic colored envelopes and is therefore good for the conversion of CO2. Many studies have shown that plastic envelopes are better for the environment than paper envelopes. Our colored plastic envelopes are available in any size. Biodegradable colored envelopes The latest trend is biodegradable envelopes. The biodegradable colored envelopes are made from, for example, potato starch. Under the influence of light, water and oxygen, these envelopes are naturally dissolved in nature.


Printed colored envelopes has been printing envelopes since 1975. Many millions of printed envelopes leave our premises on a monthly basis. Of course we can also print colored envelopes. In particular, printing on plastic envelopes requires specialism. We are able to print even plastic envelopes from 100 pieces. We use a minimum of 500 copies for printing paper envelopes. Ask about the possibilities in printed envelopes. You can also contact us if you are looking for different sizes of envelopes.



Order colored envelopes

Ordering colored envelopes online is very easy. Of course our team is also excellent at you and you can also order colored envelopes by telephone. Prepayment does not have to. You receive the envelopes first and then the invoice, so reliable! Take a look at colored envelopes in our webshop! The promotional, colored envelopes and packaging from offer you exactly what you expect. Striking in color and design, reliable in quality and available in any size. This way you achieve the highest possible attention value, which gives your promotional action or direct mail the highest possible response. You can not think of it as crazy or has a colored envelope that fits your idea. All (deviating) formats, all forms of printing and all colors of the rainbow are possible. We like to think along with you in creating eye-catching promotions!

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