White Envelopes

Back to basic? For sending simple documents, invoices or other mail items you can choose to use white envelopes. You can choose course at Envelopeshop for many different colors envelopes, but sometimes you just want to send as a business envelope. For proper transmission of the type of envelopes that your customers have long trusted their lives are, and choose simple, white envelopes.

Our white envelopes are suitable for every type of mail item you can think of. For example, in our white envelopes you can send beautiful invoices, but it can also go as far as electronics or more.

You want to have a professional look for your company, and make a first impression only once! At Envelopeshop.com you can convey your message to your customer in various ways. Did you know that we can print envelopes? You can have your own envelope printed at Envelopeshop, or even outsource the design to us! So you can still make something personal from your white envelopes.

It has been proven that printed white envelopes provide 120% more response from your customers! This is because immediately upon receiving the envelope, they see the familiar logo of your company. Because of this they immediately know what they can do with it.

What are you waiting for? Find the white envelope in our shop by clicking on the button, or make sure your item will get your own personal twist by having it printed or let us design!

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